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Hard Lessons

- Virginia Tech has learned hard lessons from the 2007 mass shooting on its campus, and it now works to apply that painful knowledge to prevent a recurrence and to help others avoid a similar tragedy.

Lawmaker Says Maryland Schools Should be Able to Afford Epinephrine

- The Maryland lawmaker who introduced a bill that would require school personnel to be trained to respond to anaphylaxis says schools should be able to afford the cost of Epi-Pens, despite concerns by school districts over the costs of the medicine.

Case Study

- The Detroit Public School system uses battery-operated cameras to catch thieves in the act.

Vicarious Liability

- The Supreme Court of California has ruled that a student who was sexually abused by his high school guidance counselor may pursue his liability claim against the school district. The court ruled that the district may be held vicariously liable if it failed to adequately supervise the counselor.

Maryland Requires Schools to Stock Epinephrine for Emergency Use

- Maryland Gov. Martin O' Malley signs a bill into law that requires schools to establish a policy to authorize employees to administer auto–injectable epinephrine in allergy emergencies. Only Nebraska and Virginia have similar laws.

Report: Evidence Doesn’t Support UC Davis Claims of Outside Actors in Protests

- An investigation into the police pepper-spraying incident at UC Davis last November finds no evidence to support the university's claims that police were protecting students from nonstudents, according to a task force report.

Morning Security Brief: UC Davis Report Released, Hotel Hacked, Tahrir Square Protests Pick Up and More

- UC Davis police used poor judgment in handling Occupy protestors, report says. Hackers target hotels. Protesters back in Tahrir Square. And more.

Most Multiple-Victim Campus Shootings Perpetrated by Current or Former Grad Students

- Lack of life balance paired with stress from high academic expectations are common threads among campus shootings with multiple victims says James Alan Fox, criminology professor at Northeastern University.

Judge Overturns Fine Against Virginia Tech for Mass Notification Delay in 2007 Shooting

- Virginia Tech didn’t violate federal law when it took two hours to notify students of the first shootings in a 2007 incident that left 32 people dead before the shooter, Seung Hui Cho, took his own life, ruled the U.S. Department of Education’s chief administrative judge on Friday.

Morning Security Brief: Private Data, Truancy Chips, Countering Piracy, and More

- The National Counterterrorism Center can now hold private citizens’ information for five years. In Brazil, school uniforms are being fitted with locator chips. Regulations (and the lack of standards) make weapons and issue for maritime security outfits. And more.


- Some universities are adding dedicated safety and security managers to help staff and students in their study-abroad programs, and analysts try to determine the best ways to measure counterinsurgency effectiveness.

Dial “O” for an Open Door

- While a new technology that could turn smartphones into access control devices looks promising, a recent pilot program reveals complications.

Dial “O” for an Open Door

- While a new technology that could turn smartphones into access control devices looks promising, a recent pilot program reveals complications.

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