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Benefits of a Master Plan

- Learn how one university developed a security master plan to help it meet the evolving needs of new facilities.

Academic Culture, Understaffing Blamed for Higher Ed IT Insecurity

- Eighty-six information security incidents have been reported on college and university networks in the first five-and-a-half months of 2008.

Homeland Security Hits High Schools

- The Department of Homeland Security has sponsored a program that teaches high school students how to deal with fires as well as the science behind them.

Virginia Tech Massacre Leads to New Safety Nets on Campuses

- Campuses have strengthened or created behavioral threat assessment teams to identify students who pose a risk to themselves or others in an effort to prevent bloodshed on campus.

Teaming Up to Reduce Risk

- Universities are using threat assessment teams to help identify at-risk students and keep them from harming themselves or others.Sidebar: Navigating Privacy Protections

Legislation Seeks DHS Grants for Schools

- Representative Bob Etheridge (D-NC) has drafted legislation that explicitly states schools are eligible for homeland security block grants.

Oklahoma Bill Allows Concealed Weapons on Campus

- A law passed by the Oklahoma State House yesterday allows people with training to carry concealed weapons on college campuses.

School Safety

- School crime rates are holding steady, a new report informs, after falling for more than a decade.

Gun Laws Criticized After NIU Massacre

- Critics say gun law loopholes allow mentally ill people access to firearms.

Virginia Tech, Kaine Lobby for Campus Security Study

- Funds sought for study to secure open public environments.

Illinois Campus Shooting Tests Security Plan--Also, Shooter Off Meds But Had No Prior Police Contact

- Yesterday's tragic shooting at Northern Illinois University again highlights the need for schools to have alert plans.

Surveillance Learning Curve

- Lessons learned as one school district upgraded to an IP-video system.

An Urgent Message

- One school district tells how it uses a new mass notification system to alert parents to problems large and small.

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