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- Three bills introduced in Congress would give immunity from civil liability to those who report threats of terrorism against transportation systems. S. 1369 introduced by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and H.R. 2291 introduced by Rep. Stevan Pearce (R-NM) are identical. The bills would limit liability for anyone making good faith reports about threats of terrorism against transportation systems or passengers and taking reasonable actions to mitigate the threat. The third bill (S. 1891) introduced by Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) is broader and would extend immunity to those who report their reasonable suspicions regarding any threats to transportation systems or passengers including threats of terrorism.

Car Viruses and Other Future Computer-Related Threats

- Viruses poised to attack cars and machinery, NIST moves forward on federal ID standard, lowdown on Firefox.

Car Viruses and Other Future Computer-Related Threats

- Viruses poised to attack cars and machinery, NIST moves forward on federal ID standard, lowdown on Firefox.

Hazardous materials

- The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced that it will begin the final phase of its Hazmat Threat Assessment Program. Commercial truck drivers applying for a license to carry hazardous materials will be fingerprinted and will have to pass a criminal records check and an immigration status check before they are issued a license. (The drivers were already subjected to a background check to determine any terrorist affiliation during phase one of the program.) Those disqualified under the program can appeal the decision. Drivers who give up their current hazardous-materials license will not be required to undergo the final phase of the program. Drivers who pass the screening are required to be recertified at least every five years. @ The TSA’s announcement and details of the program are available at SM Online.

Eyes on the road

- Truckers receive training to spot signs of terrorists.

What Ails Transportation Security?

- Risk managers, continuity planners, and security consultants fill the ranks during& transportation security discussions. What’s missing are transportation professionals.

Home on the Page: Port Security

- The Coast Guard and port security.

C-TPAT: Ship-Shape or Shipped Out

- The future of C-TPAT.

Sleeping Pilots Underscore Flight-Risks Described in Suppressed NASA Report

- Three-and-a-half years ago, pilots approaching Denver International Airport fell asleep due to overwork.

Airport Hassles

- A survey polls travelers on airport passenger screening attitudes.

Containing Cargo Risk

- Find out how the government and private industry are working to reduce the possibility of a terrorist using cargo to send a weapon of mass destruction into the United States.

NASA Will Release Airline Survey

- Report was originally suppressed due to NASA fears it would harm the commercial airline industry.

Do London Bombings Signal a New Course?

- Two weeks after suicide bombers killed more than 50 commuters on the London subway and a bus, a near-identical attack struck that same transportation system, though the second round of bombs didn't go off as planned. The second attack seems to mark the first time that a group affiliated with or inspired by al Qaeda has hit the same type of target twice within a few weeks.

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