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TSA Reminds Travelers of iPhone App Ahead of the Holidays

- TSA has created an app to help travelers find out how they can legally travel with firearms and other frequently asked about items. Also,TSA won't be unwrapping presents at security checkpoints.

Airport Security

- A federal court has ruled against a group of 19 airlines that claimed the U.S. government overcharged them for passenger screening. The lawsuit concerned fees for 2000, which the TSA said were $420 million. Airlines argued that the amount was actually $305 million. The court ruled that TSA’s figures were reasonable.

TSA Debunks Scam Reported By New York Post Columnist

- TSA clears up rumors of agents charging to bring handicapped travelers to the front of the line.

Is It Really Possible To Trust Travelers?

- Part IV of Security Management's 9-11 Anniversary Special Focus: The newest attempt at a trusted traveler program.

Terror Watch List Suspects Held Pilot Licenses

- Twenty-seven licensed pilots and aircraft mechanics should never have been issued licenses because of their connections to terrorist groups.

House Subcommittee Explores Whether Wireless Broadband Expansion Could Affect Aviation Safety

- An up and coming broadband company is building a network that would make wireless Internet available to everyone in America. Now their plans to connect the entire country are facing criticism from aviation and GPS organizations who say expansion of wireless broadband services shouldn’t trump the importance of safety in aviation and maritime operations. But researchers say more study is needed to determine whether nationwide broadband would really affect transportation safety.

Screeners No Longer Isolated

- TSA screening operators will no longer have to be isolated from passengers when using automated target recognition software due to increased privacy controls on the machines, reports Government Security News.

Morning Security Brief: More Funding Requested for Rail Security, Survey Says Security Fears Rising, Bus Safety Rules Introduced

- Lawmakers are urged to consider an increase in rail safety funding. Americans are more concerned about security than ever. The U.S. government launches a new bus safety program.

Study Reveals The Patterns of Cargo Theft

- A five-year study reveals the trends and patterns behind the booming cargo-theft racket.

TSA Will Not Expand Private Screener Program

- The Transportation Security Administration has stopped approving applications from airports hoping to launch private screener programs.

Mastering Mass Transit

- Transit and coach bus operators are getting on board and tackling security vulnerabilities which range from the threat of stolen vehicles and fraud to terrorism.

Backscatter Full Body Scanners Can Be Defeated, Journal Article Finds

- A recently published journal article finds that terrorists can defeat X-ray backscatter technology, one of two machines used by the TSA to screen air travelers.

Are Dogs the Solution for Airport Security Screening?

- The Christian Science Monitor reports on the pros and cons of using bomb-sniffing dogs to screen airline passengers.

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