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High-Security Mechanical Locks: An Encyclopedic Reference

- An encyclopedic reference that inspires awe for the rarely celebrated locksmith.

Saving Lives Securely

- To ensure a safe environment for patients, visitors, and medical staff, hospitals have to consider security in both the design and operation of the emergency room. 

Parking Snatcher Solution

- When homeowners faced frustration due to unauthorized parking in a private lot, officials found a Web-based reservation system to help control access.

Access Emergency

- While doors, walls, gates, and fences do a great job of keeping the bad guys out, they can also stop the good guys from getting in. (Online Exclusive)

Surveillance that Delivers Results

- Deutsche Post makes collaboration with staff a part of its CCTV policy

Taking Back the Nightclub

- Every urban area has one: a nightclub noted for loud music, outbursts of violence, and plenty of drugs. In Burlington, Ontario, near Toronto, that club is called NRG/The Kingdom, and its crowd wreaked havoc in the neighborhood. Several years ago regional police collaborated with the club's owners on a multifaceted problem-solving approach. Access to railroad tracks behind the club was blocked. Extra lighting and gates were installed to prevent cars and pedestrians from parking near or skulking around neighboring businesses. Bushes were removed from a nearby vacant lot. Find out how the club and community did it .

A Healthy Approach to Medical Data

- Find out how one hospital streamlined secure data access and met government privacy regulations.

Special Protection for Special Collections

- Collections of irreplaceable objects like the Rosetta Stone are usually referred to as special collections, and they require unique security measures.

Company Deals Itself Better Cards

- Find out how one company upgraded its ID and badging to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


- The book is heavily weighted toward town center CCTV usage, and while chapter nine reveals the impact of monitored CCTV in a retail environment and highlights the need to train those monitoring the system, there is a noticeable absence of contributions from private sector security practitioners. With CCTV so ubiquitous, it would have been useful to record the experiences, views, and research of security professionals working with video.

Jargon Watch: Geofencing

- A method for restricting movement into or outside of a designated zone by use of electronic tracking and alarm technology.

Using the Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation

- How trustworthy is a computer system? The answer depends on what the system's owner wants in terms of security performance. Usually in a business, governmental, or academic setting, the owner wants the system to enforce certain access rules to restrict users from reading, writing to, or executing certain data elements. How well a system enforces various access controls determines its trustworthiness.

Quick Bytes: Michigan IT has the blues

- Michigan's Department of State runs several large IT systems to manage driver and vehicle information, and it collects nearly $2 billion annually in revenue from vehicle violations and fee collections. However, a recent audit of the IT infrastructure of the department by Michigan's Office of the Auditor General found that the "general controls over security, access, program and data changes, segregation of duties, and service continuity that support mainframe information systems were not effective." As a result, the report concluded that there was "significant risk" that unauthorized access to the systems could compromise the data on these systems. @ The Performance Audit of the Automated Information Systems is at SM Online.    

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