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TSA Responds to CNN's Air Marshal Report

- The agency says that the number of flights covered by federal air marshals is in the thousands and that the marshals are deployed on particular flights based on intelligence and risk.

Airlines Fight Fingerprinting

- The airline industry says fingerprinting foreign visitors leaving the United States is a government function the private sector should not bear.

New Terminal at JFK Designed to Make Security Quicker and Easier

- JetBlue's new terminal at JFK International Airport reflects the security concerns of a post-September 11 world.

TSA Tester Gets Fake Bomb Past Screener, Reports CNN

- With CNN in tow, a TSA tester smuggled an IED past security at Tampa International Airport.

FAA Says Boeing's New Dreamliner Can Be Hacked

- The FAA says hackers may be able to use the plane's broadband Internet access to break into the plane's computer system which controls the plane's vital functions.

American Airlines to Fit Airplanes with Anti-Missile Systems

- Three American Airline passenger planes at JFK will test anti-missile systems to deflect shoulder-to-air missiles fired by terrorists.

EDS Companies to Profit from Larger DHS Budget

- A larger explosive detection budget for U.S. airports will be a boon to a number of well-positioned EDS companies.

Don't Fret on Lithium Battery Ban

- The Department of Transportation's new ban on lithium batteries will rarely make traveling a hassle for those with cellphones and laptops.

TSA Security Screening Called into Question

- The x-raying of carry-on luggage, the taking off of shoes, and the confiscation of small items is of dubious value to airport security, says a new report from Harvard.

Flying Safer Skies?

- Flying has never been safer, but there are still parts of the world where flying can be risky.

Airport Screening

- Undercover government investigators smuggled the components for improvised explosive and incendiary devices past airport screeners last spring and summer, a GAO representative told Congress. The GAO fears these bombs could bring a plane down if detonated in mid-air.

No Fly Zone

- Check out which airlines have been banned from entering the European Union’s airspace because of safety concerns.

Aviation security

- The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee's Subcommittee on Aviation recently held a hearing on airport screening and checkpoint issues. Several government and industry representatives testified.

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