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Judge Says No to Guns in Nonsecure Areas of Atlanta Airport

- A federal judge ruled yesterday that people with gun licenses cannot carry their weapons in nonsecure areas of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Lost TSA Contractor Laptop Found in Same Office Where it Went Missing

- The laptop lost at San Francisco International Airport contained the names and personal information of 33,000 travelers who signed up for TSA's Clear program.

Profiling Aviation Threats

- In April, Israel's Supreme Court ruled that airport security screening discriminated against Israeli Arabs.

Racial Profiling

- Israel’s Supreme Court demands that the government stop profiling Arab citizens going through airport security. Read the case background from an Israeli civil rights group.

Israeli Aviation Security Falls Short, Says FAA

- The FAA's findings come one year after an Israeli committee told the government that aviation security is in a "catastrophic state."

Congressman Consistently Hassled During Airport Screenings

- Rep. John Lewis tells congressional committee that if this can happen to him "you can only imagine what the average American suffers."

TSA to Widely Deploy New Passenger Screening Technologies

- TSA will deliver Advanced Technology X-ray and Passenger Imaging units to a second wave of U.S. airports.

Shipping Industry Balks at TSA's Approach to Cargo Security on Passenger Airplanes

- Critics say TSA must provide a qualified product list for cargo screening technologies and fund cargo shippers participation in its Certified Cargo Screening Program.

New Laptop Bags Could Make Life Easier for Travelers and Security

- Travelers would no longer have to remove their laptop computers from their carry-on bag during security screening.

U.K.: A Year After Glasgow, Aviation Security Risks Persist

- A new report warns that cargo planes could be used in acts of terrorism and a security consultant says airports are still vulnerable to terrorism after the attack on Glasgow International Airport last year.

Low Morale for Airport Screeners Could Harm Security, Report Says

- The Transportation Security Administration says the report's methodology is flawed.

Security Blogging

- See how the Transportation Security Administration is using blogging as a way to keep concerned citizens abreast of issues pertaining to airline security.

San Diego Airport's Security Lanes Aim to Ease Stress

- Passengers will be able to pick the security lane that most closely fits their needs.

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