Solar pannels in rural areas

Posted by lcueva on Sat, 07/11/2009 - 20:03

Does anyone knows if there is a techonology to helping reduce the solar pannels robbery used in telco sites in isolated rural areas?. We have used some physical security solutions but this sites are very small, obviously the time is on the side of the robbers, the sites are located between 2,500 and 5,000 mts over the sea level and very far from response and police locations and roads and the number and resources of police are very limited. A very large number of these sites does not have power from electricity providers and that is the reason because they use solar pannels. I have non confirmed information that solar pannels can be tainted with a specific color so you can find them during an investigation search, but that would be a reactive measure; it has to be done,  but I am refering to technology that can be used as a preventive measure. Besides, the income produced for this sites is very low and they served as part of the social obligations of the contract with goverment for rural areas communities. Unfortunally there is also regulatory fines related with the time each site is not operating.
My objective is to find a wireless technology that can work with the specific type of energy produced by the solar pannels without dimisish the capacity of the site to keep communications running permanently. The sensors must be little enough to hide in the site components from the atackers and the alarms must be in real time so the response team can be alerted on time and try to catch them when they are leaving the area, using blockades of routes that are previously selected with coordinated efforts with peasants from the nearby communities. Communications with the response teams is also an issue because in some areas there is no wireless connection - dead zones.
In that scenario we are innovating using a new investigative model that focus on a preventive strategy looking for the patterns of the robbers, for coordination with the communities, to know the black market of solar pannels in those areas, the value chain of this type of robbery, reduce their intentions, reduce the time for robbery, affect the perception of the robbers about the easy scape routes for them and also backing up the whole model with legal support when detentions happen. 

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